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Foul-Smelling Toilet? Here’s Why – and How to Fix It

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    You can’t expect a toilet to smell good.

    Even though it’s clean and you can’t see any residue, it’s where you conduct your dirtiest business.

    Even so, your toilet shouldn’t smell excessively funky and foul either.

    That just means something is wrong with your toilet area, and you need to fix it immediately.

    Just imagine if a friend went over to your house for a surprise visit, and he finds out about your nasty toilet situation.

    That would be a huge embarrassment for you.

    So, do you have a foul-smelling toilet? Here’s why – and how to fix it.

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    Unclean Toilet

    Obviously, your toilet will reek of an unpleasant smell if you haven’t cleaned it in months.

    Especially if you don’t flush immediately every after using it, the smell can linger throughout your bathroom.

    The solution to this problem is easy.

    Deeply clean your toilet and always flash every after use.

    Make sure that you thoroughly clean the floors, walls, and other areas with possible mold and bacteria build-up.

    Vent Pipe Issues

    Broken or blocked vent pipes may also be the reason why you have a foul-smelling odor inside your toilet.

    Since the air cannot escape through your clogged or faulty vents, bad odor tends to stay as well inside your toilet room.

    Regularly check the endpoint of your toilet vent pipe to see if there is any debris blocking it.

    If there are, remove them so that your sewer gas could escape.

    Also, try re-installing your vent pipes, if you think it’s not properly installed.

    Damaged Toilet Caulk Seal

    Every toilet bowl is sealed at the bottom to close the gap between the toilet and the floor.

    In case this caulking seal is defective or missing, toilet water may seep on the floor.

    As a result, odor and bacteria may build up from the bottom and cause a stinky smell in your toilet.

    To fix this issue, thoroughly clean the floor and the base of your toilet bowl.

    After which, replace the toilet caulking seal with a new one, and make sure that no water can leak from the bottom.

    Clogged Toilet

    Another reason why you have a foul-smelling toilet area is that you have a clogged toilet drain.

    This can cause your toilet to drain and refill slower, and culminate with a low toilet water level.

    When this happens, the foul-smelling sewer gas could seep out and cause your entire bathroom to smell.

    One remedy to this situation is to fix the clogging using a plunger or a toilet snake.

    You could also prepare a homemade solution made of baking soda and vinegar.

    If your toilet continues to drain slowly, you should call a professional plumber to help you unclog your toilet pipes.

    Lack Of Water In Unused Toilet

    If your toilet has not been used in a long time, the water found in its p-trap may evaporate.

    The purpose of this water in your toilet piping system is to prevent the sewer smell from escaping and emanating throughout your bathroom.

    Similar to a clogged toilet, if you have inadequate water or no water at all in your toilet p-trap, your toilet will sink.

    A quick fix to this problem is to regularly let the water flow in your sink or toilet.

    This will allow the water in the p-trap to refill, thus preventing sewer smell from coming out.

    Seek Professional Help from Experienced Plumbers

    Do you have a foul-smelling toilet? No matter how much deodorizer you apply or how often you clean your toilet, if the stink won’t go away, go to the professionals.

    Call Plumb Guy for expert plumbing solutions in Cleveland.

    We will handle the dirty work of repairing your toilet so that it doesn’t smell as bad.

    If you need to have your fixture or sewer replaced, we can also do that task for you.

    All you need to do is to dial our local number, and our team will be outside your place before you know it.

    We guarantee you that we will fix your issue safely and efficiently.

    Call us now, and experience professional plumbing services within the same day.

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