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Tips to Keep Pipes from Freezing

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    Do your water pipes keep freezing in the winter? It usually happens when the temperature outside drops down.

    Low temperatures can cause small amounts of water to freeze instantly.

    Given this, the water inside your pipes can easily freeze.

    Frozen water pipes commonly occur in areas that are exposed to open air, such as those located outdoors.

    It also happens to unheated areas, like your attic, garage, and basement.

    However, all water pipes are at risk of freezing, even those that pass through exterior walls.

    Luckily, we are here to help.

    This article will give you expert tips to keep pipes from freezing.

    We’re also one call away if your pipes have already frozen.

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    Install Proper Insulation

    One tip we can give you to prevent your pipes from freezing is to set up proper insulation.

    Installing extra insulation will help your water pipes retain heat.

    It can also save energy and reduce your costs for heating.

    Maintain Warm Temperature

    Keeping the temperature warm throughout your house can help prevent your pipes from freezing.

    That’s because the warm air circulating in your home keeps the walls warm as well.

    As a result, your pipes will find it hard to freeze.

    Install Electric Heating Pad Around The Pipe

    An electric heating pad works as a cover in supplying heat around your pipe during the cold months.

    This electric tape controls the water temperature, so the water coming from your pipes will stay warm.

    Thus, installing this could be a solution for freezing water pipes.

    However, an electric heating pad also has downsides.

    One problem with installing heating tape is it uses electricity.

    If there is a power interruption, your heating tape may also stop working.

    Additionally, if you haven’t changed your heating pad for years, it may start a fire.

    Because of that, it might result in injuries and damages to your property.

    Keep Your Sink Cabinet Open During Winter

    A water pipe is commonly located in your sink cabinet.

    Keeping your cabinet open will help your pipes retain heat.

    That’s because the heat that comes from your house will also warm your water pipes.

    As a result, this could prevent your pipes from freezing.

    Install A Space Heater

    You can add a space heater to an area where your water pipes are at high risk of freezing.

    Installing this heater could aid your pipes from the cold spell.

    However, make sure that you plug your space heater into an outlet and not an extension cord.

    This is to avoid any short circuits that may cause fires.

    Open the Faucet to Let The Water Drip

    Another tip you could use to avoid having frozen pipes is to let your faucet drip.

    You could do this by turning the knob of your faucet to let the water flow.

    Just like in nature, moving water doesn’t simply freeze under low temperatures.

    So, you could apply this knowledge in keeping your pipes unfrozen.

    Also, letting the water flow from your faucet can prevent your pipes from bursting.

    Seal Any Cracks On Your Pipe

    A slight crack could let cold air enter your pipe.

    Because of that, it will cause your pipes to freeze.

    To prevent this from happening, seal any leak you can find on your water pipes.

    Call An Expert Plumber

    A frozen water pipe is very risky.

    It can cause injuries and damage to your property.

    So, if this happens to you in the future, call your trusted plumber immediately to fix the problem.


    We understand the dilemma of having frozen pipes during the winter.

    When your pipes have frozen, you won’t be able to get any water for taking a bath or washing your dishes.

    I hope our tips to keep your pipes from freezing will give you the knowledge to avoid this problem in the future.

    If you need expert help in dealing with frozen pipes and other plumbing issues, contact Plumb Guy for plumbing services.

    We are open 24 hours for seven days.

    Call us now!

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