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What is a Plumbing Snake?

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    Most people are familiar with using a plunger to fix clogged drains and toilets.

    But did you know that there’s another tool you could use to resolve such issues?

    This device is the so-called plumber’s snake or drain snake.

    What is a plumbing snake, you ask?

    No, it’s not a live snake that a plumber keeps as a pet.

    Rather, it is a metal tool that resembles that animal.

    Plumbing Snake Explained

    A plumbing snake is also known as a plumber’s snake or drain snake.

    Like the animal, it is long, slender, and flexible.

    But unlike it, a plumbing snake is a piece of equipment, usually made of metal and equipped with an auger on the opposite end of the handle.

    If you’re not familiar with an auger, it’s a tool composed of a helical or rotating metal shaft.

    Other plumbing snakes have an uncoiled spring instead of the typical auger end.

    This doesn’t make much difference, given that both have the same form.

    How do you use a plumbing snake?

    Using a plumbing snake for your drain and toilet is pretty straightforward.

    You just insert it into your drain pipes until it hits the reason why your drain is clogged.

    This usually already solves the problem, since the blockage disintegrates and gets flushed down.

    However, you can also rotate your plumbing snake.

    This action allows the clog to intertwine with the auger, so you can pull it out instead of flushing it down the drain.

    A plumbing snake is especially helpful if you’re dealing with stringy and insoluble debris, such as hair, floss, and pieces of plastic that you flushed down your drain.

    Plumbing Snake vs Plunger: What’s the Difference?

    One obvious difference between a plunger and a plumber’s snake is their physical features.

    As mentioned, a plumbing snake is a flexible coiled snake.

    It easily bends and takes the form of the pipe you insert it in.

    On the other hand, a plunger is more rigid.

    It is composed of a handle, usually made of wood, and a dome-shaped rubber cup.

    Plunging vs Snaking the Drain

    Another major dissimilarity between a plunger and a plumbing snake is their method of fixing a clogged drain.

    While you insert a plumbing snake into the drain and pull the clog out, you cannot do that with a plunger.

    Instead, you just work on the outside.

    With a plunger, you tightly cover the entire hole of your drain opening using the rubber cup.

    Applying petroleum jelly could help create a tight seal between the two surfaces.

    After doing so, you simply push and pull the stick handle continuously to create a vacuum inside the drain.

    The suction effect then should dislodge the clogging inside your drain pipes.

    When you remove the plunging device, the excess water on your sink should immediately go down the drain.

    Which Unclogging Method is More Effective?

    Between a plunger and a drain snake, the latter is more effective in fixing clogged pipes.

    That’s because a plumbing snake allows you to remove the clog inside your drain.

    It, therefore, gives you a long-term effect.

    On the contrary, the clog stays inside the drain with a plunger.

    It may be possible that you only removed parts of the clog, that’s why your pipes are draining.

    But, if there are any clogs left inside your pipe, you’ll soon experience the same issue again.

    Nevertheless, plunging your toilet or sink drain can be your first option, especially if it’s what you have at home.

    If that didn’t do the trick, that’s the only time you need the more effective plumbing snake.

    Clogged Drains? Call Plumb Guys Now!

    Having clogged drains can be frustrating and inefficient.

    You’ll have a puddle of dirty, oily, and soapy water on your sink every time you wash the dishes.

    You’ll also take longer to do the dishes because the water might overflow.

    If you want to avoid this circumstance, you should fix your clogged drains immediately.

    Two ways to go about that is to use a plunger or a drain snake.

    However, if either method didn’t achieve your desired result, you should contact professional plumbers for help.

    If you live in Cleveland, call Plumb Guy now for an expert and timely response to your clogged drains.

    We can unclog even the most stubborn obstruction inside your drain.

    With powerful tools and products, together with our expertise in plumbing, there are no clogged drains that our team cannot handle.

    Call us now for expert residential and commercial plumbing services in Cleveland.

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