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What is a Slab Leak? And how do I fix it?

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    Many homeowners don’t know the word slab leak and how dangerous it could affect a house.

    Slab leaks can be the most alarming issue that homeowners could ever encounter.

    A slab leak develops when the water pipes below your home’s foundation start to drip and result in a long-term deterioration of copper pipes.

    However, the problem with a slab leak is that it takes years for homeowners to detect a danger looming below their house.

    In case you notice this problem, contact a professional plumber immediately.

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    We offer the most dependable plumbing services in Cleveland.

    Our services can provide both residential and commercial property.

    Let our team repair your slab leak problem.

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    Things You Need To Consider Before Fixing A Slab Leak

    If you tend to repair a slab leak, you need to make some decisions.

    However, when it comes to a slab leak problem, repairing should be one of your choices.

    If considering the damages a slab leak could cause, it will be expensive.

    Another factor you need to consider is what company you would like to fix your water pipes.

    As I mentioned above, a slab leak is a big problem.

    So, you should get more than one opinion from different companies.

    Also, don’t try to fix it with yourself, because the situation might worsen.

    This job is for a licensed, professional plumber.

    Luckily, our company has a team of professional plumbers that can fix your water pipes.

    Our experts use 3 of four recommended methods in repairing a slab leak.

    Here are the methods that our experts use:

    Pipe Redirecting/ Re-piping

    In some cases, the house plumbing system encloses in a block of cement that is hard to reach without breaking the slab.

    The best thing to do in this situation is to re-pipe the entire house.

    This water supply pipeline can be directed through the slab instead of doing underneath.

    A professional plumber will decide on where the new water pipes can be installed, such as in your roof space, walls, or other structures that may protect it.

    Also, you can do some creativity like crown molding if you want your pipes hidden.

    Gaining Access Through Slab

    Breaking through the concrete slab is the shortest way through the problem.

    If there is no other alternative aside from gaining access through the slab, professional plumbers will execute this process.

    However, this procedure could be troublesome and very expensive.

    Gaining access through the slab has some downsides for all homeowners.

    The water system is closed, the sounds of the Jackhammer are irritating and the dust will cause you to cover everything.

    Another disadvantage is that you have to leave your home while plumbers do the job.

    Additionally, there will be a mountain of soil as the work progresses.

    Also, the flooring of your house will be affected too.

    As a consequence, this process will cost you a bunch of money.

    Digging Underneath The Slab

    This procedure means digging a tunnel beneath a commercial or residential property.

    Professional plumbers crawl to an enclosed space below the house or building to take out the old pipes and install a new one from the slab.

    This process has many benefits for most homeowners who suffer from slab leaks.

    Here are some advantages that will benefit you.

    • You can stay home and supervise while the plumbers are working.
    • You don’t have to worry about the mess because they will keep it outside.
    • Tunneling is much cheaper than other procedures.

    Many homeowners will choose the tunneling process if their flooring is too expensive.

    That’s because if you select to gain access through the slab, flooring, and the rooms would probably be destroyed.


    Slab leaks can happen any time to your house if the plumbing system underneath malfunctions for any reason.

    You may not notice them for years until they start weakening your slab.

    If your plumbing system suffers from slab leaks, contact Plumb Guy immediately to replace your old pipes.

    Our company has a team of professional experts that has the skills and knowledge to get the job done correctly.

    We are open 24 hours a day for seven days.

    Book with us now!

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