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Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Sulfur or Rotten Eggs?

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    The bathroom is also called a restroom or comfort room.

    It is named as such because it has amenities that give you comfort, such as the shower, sink, toilet.

    But, would you really feel comfortable when your bathroom smells horrible? We don’t think so.

    The smell of rotten eggs is one of the most common bathroom odors that people complain about.

    Even though you didn’t consume one for breakfast, your bathroom reeks of spoiled eggs or sulfur.

    When this happens, it usually indicates that something is wrong with your sanitary pipes.

    Why does my bathroom smell like sulfur or rotten eggs?

    Contact Plumb Guy immediately if you notice any strange stench coming out of your bathroom.

    We’ve been working around smelly sinks, toilets, and bathrooms for many years now.

    We will determine the source of the foul smell and track down where it’s coming from.

    No matter what the plumbing issue may be, we’ll get to the bottom of it.

    Our professional team is expertly trained to provide quick and proper plumbing solutions for your needs.

    Call us now for expert plumbing services in Cleveland.

    What Does The Rotten Egg Smell Mean?

    When you smell the odor of rotten eggs in your bathroom, it means that sewer gases are leaking from your drain pipes.

    This isn’t supposed to happen.

    Your sewage system holds a mixture of decaying matter and substances.

    This cocktail of food, excretion, and other materials produce various gases like ammonia, sulfur dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide.

    Hydrogen sulfide, in particular, is what smells like rotten eggs.

    This gas is produced as the by-product of sulfur bacteria when they feed on decaying matter.

    Where is the Sulfur or Rotten Eggs Smell Coming From?

    There are many possible sources of the hydrogen sulfide odor in your bathroom.

    It could be coming from your bathroom sink, your shower drain, or the toilet bowl itself.

    There could be decaying clogs or debris down your drain that’s producing the smelly gas.

    Or, you have a plumbing problem with your pipes, that’s why the sewer gases escape from your drains and toilet fixtures.

    Why Does My Water Smell Bad?

    You may think that the rotten eggs smell is coming from the water.

    In reality, it doesn’t.

    You only assume this because the stench becomes more evident when you use water.

    In reality, the water simply displaces the hydrogen sulfide gas already inside your toilet or drain pipes.

    When you let the water run and it goes down the drain, the sewer gases will have nowhere to go but diffuse into the air.

    How To Fix The Rotten Eggs Smell In Your Bathroom

    Stinky bathroom odors are annoying and inconvenient.

    They are also embarrassing if you have house guests at your place.

    On top of these, the stench could also cause you health complications like breathing problems, headaches, and nausea.

    That’s why you need to fix the issue as soon as it emerges.

    One way to do so is to unclog your drain pipes using a plunger or a plumbing snake.

    You could also clean and repair the P-trap of your sink and toilet.

    Any of these methods would dislodge and eliminate any foul-smelling blockages inside your pipe.

    The foul smell may also come from under the toilet if the rubber sealing is damaged or missing.

    In this case, you need to clean your floor and replace the caulk seal at the base of your toilet.

    Additionally, adding water to your drain pipes or toilet bowl could do the trick.

    If the water in your P-trap or toilet is insufficient, this may be causing the sewer gases to escape.

    If the methods mentioned above didn’t work, contact professional plumbers immediately.

    You may have a more complicated bathroom problem that requires expert assistance.

    Call Plumb Guy To Solve Your Smelly Bathroom Situation

    Why does my bathroom smell like sulfur or rotten eggs?

    Call Plumb Guy now and let us figure out why.

    We are your most reliable team of expert plumbers who can expertly resolve your issue.

    Our plumbers are highly trained to determine what’s causing your bathroom to smell.

    We are also experienced in addressing problems such as foul-smelling toilets, sink, and drain pipes.

    If you encounter any plumbing problem in your house or office, call us, so we can do the job.

    Just sit back, relax, and let our team handle every step of the way.

    We guarantee you that the next time you use your bathroom, it will smell fresher and healthier.

    Book an appointment with us today in Cleveland by dialing our local number!

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