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Why Won’t My Bathtub Hold Water?

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    One of the many ways to reward yourself after a long tiring day is to relax and soak in your bathtub.

    However, if your bathtub is unable to hold any water, you cannot enjoy your rest and recreation.

    Instead of having a relaxing bubble bath, you’ll have a frustrating night of figuring out why your bathtub water keeps draining and how to solve the issue.

    If you ask yourself, “Why Won’t My Bathtub Hold Water?”, call us immediately.

    Plumb Guy is your expert team of licensed plumbers in Cleveland.

    We provide a wide range of reliable and professional plumbing services for residential and commercial properties.

    When our team arrives at your place, we will immediately determine what’s causing your bathtub to drain.

    Then, we will resolve the issue on the spot using our professional-grade tools, plumbing products, and our expertise in plumbing systems.

    Is your tub unable to hold any water? Plumb Guy is here to help.

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    Reasons Why Your Bathtub Cannot Hold Water

    It’s not a brand-new problem anymore.

    A lot of homeowners have already experienced having a bathtub that won’t hold any water.

    When that happens, you cannot fill your tub to your desired water level and you can’t take a relaxing warm bath.

    On top of that, you’re wasting a valuable resource, which is water.

    Here are the common causes of your bathtub problem.

    Disconnected Drain Stopper

    The most infamous cause of a bathtub draining prematurely is when the connection between your tub drain and trip lever breaks.

    Often, it’s the drain stopper that gets disconnected from the spring or plug.

    When that happens, your disconnected drain stopper won’t work with the trip lever.

    Consequently, it won’t be able to perform its duty, which is to hold water.

    Damaged Linkage

    Another possible reason why your bathtub cannot hold any water is a defective linkage.

    This hardware is responsible for controlling your drain stopper.

    To check the condition of your bathtub drain linkage, simply pull and lift the lever until you uncover the linkage.

    If it has been disconnected from the spring or plug, or the trip lever, the drain stopper won’t hold any water.

    Likewise, if your linkage is damaged, bent, or tangled, you’d also face the same consequence.

    Moreover, as you check your linkage, make sure that the U-shaped pin on top of it is also in place and in good shape.

    Or else, your bathtub will also struggle to hold water.

    Clogged Bathtub Stopper

    If you have a clogged drain, it’s also possible that your bathtub won’t hold water.

    That’s because the clog will prevent your drain stopper from being tightly sealed.

    In that case, your drain plug won’t prevent water from escaping down your drain pipes.

    How to Fix a Bathtub That’s Draining Too Early

    Resolving your bathtub issue will depend on the cause of your problem.

    For a disconnected drain stopper system, the solution is fairly simple.

    If your drain stopper disconnects from the spring, you can adjust it and put it back on.

    Similarly, if the linkage is what’s detached, either to the plug or to the trip lever, a simple readjustment would do the trick.

    Pull the lever sideward and then upwards to expose the linkage.

    Once you can clearly see the linkage, use a magnetic device to put the plug or spring back into position.

    Meanwhile, if the linkage or the U-shaped pin is damaged or missing, you have to either repair or replace the hardware with a new one.

    In case none of these solutions worked to fix your bathtub, contact professional plumbers for expert solutions.

    Reliable Professional Plumbing Services in Cleveland

    Why won’t my bathtub hold water?

    Call Plumb Guy for a quick and timely solution to your problem.

    We repair and maintain bathtubs, and other plumbing fixtures and systems.

    We can also replace them if the problem is no longer repairable.

    Our expert team has years of plumbing experience.

    We have serviced many households, businesses, and commercial enterprises in Cleveland.

    If you need any plumbing assistance and solutions, don’t hesitate to dial our local number.

    Our professional plumbers always strive to satisfy our clients with the quality of our service.

    With our high-grade tools and skills, that’s not impossible to achieve.

    Set an appointment with Plumb Guy now for same-day plumbing services in Cleveland.

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