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Cleveland Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

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    Your plumbing system is an essential part of your home and its various different components.

    Without proper piping and plumbing, you will not be able to distribute clean water effectively within your home and your wastes will probably not be disposed of properly.

    And thus, it is extremely important that you make sure to keep your plumbing system functional at all times.

    However, just like everything else that is being used on a constant basis, your plumbing will eventually encounter different problems and issues over time.

    And this is exactly why it should be maintained properly and thoroughly on a regular basis.

    However, how exactly do you perform maintenance on your plumbing system and what are the things you need to check and inspect during such an activity?

    Well, to give you an idea of what exactly is being done during maintenance activities, here is a sample Cleveland Plumbing Maintenance Checklist that you can refer to.

    Although it might not completely be able to cover everything that is being done during maintenance, it can give an idea or a gist of what exactly you should look out for.

    Why is maintaining your plumbing system necessary?

    Before we get to the maintenance checklist itself, let us first get to understand what maintenance is and why exactly it is necessary,

    So, maintenance is an activity where your machine is system is thoroughly being checked and inspected in order to find potential causes of problems of the future.

    It is basically a means of resolving a potential problem before it gets out of hand and preventing a lot of different issues from happening to your system.

    Even the simplest of all maintenance activities can go a long way in prolonging your plumbing’s life expectancy and the like.

    Regularly maintaining your plumbing system is necessary because it ensures that your system continues to function and work properly at all costs.

    It might seem quite troublesome at first, but it is well worth your time.

    Professional plumbing maintenance checklist

    Now that we know what maintenance is and the benefits we can get from simply doing it, let us now proceed to know what exactly needs to be done during plumbing maintenance activities.

    In order to make sure that nothing gets forgotten during maintenance activities, a professional plumber will probably have some sort of checklist at hand.

    This is probably in order to remind that person of the different things that need to be done.

    Given how huge the scope of plumbing maintenance is, it would probably affect the reputation of their company as a whole if things are left out and unchecked.

    And some of the things you would probably find on this checklist would be the following:

    Clearing all your drains and P-traps

    One of the things needed to be done during maintenance of your plumbing system is the cleaning and clearing all of your home’s drains and P-traps.

    Clogging has always been a common issue and over time, you have probably noticed how draining water seems to slow down.

    This kind of behavior shows that there might be something inside your drains causing them to clog and the like.

    In order to avoid this altogether, during maintenance, your drains are cleared and cleaned using some solution that can dissolve the clog.

    Cleaning your faucet aerators

    Another thing you should do when performing preventive maintenance on your plumbing system is to have all the aerators in your faucets cleaned.

    A faucet aerator is a small, round device that is usually screwed on the tip of your faucets.

    The main purpose of these aerators is to make sure that water coming out of your faucet is consistent and splash-free.

    However, over time, your aerators start having calcium building up in it so in order not to decrease your faucet’s water pressure and prevent any haphazardous spraying.

    And this is why your faucet aerators are one of the things you need to include in your maintenance activity.

    Inspecting your pipes for any damages or corrosion

    One of the main reasons why your plumbing starts going haywire is due to having any kind of damage to your pipes.

    Issues that can stem from such are a lot in number such as leaking issues, releasing of unpleasant odors, water damage, etc.

    Check for any signs of leakages or corrosion on your pipes and if there is, make sure to contact your local technician to help you out.

    Checking your toilet and your toilet tank

    Also, you should definitely include your toilet in your plumbing maintenance activities.

    You can do this by checking all of your toilet’s basic functionalities if they are working well and if there are any signs of wear on your toilet or your toilet tank.

    If there is, make sure to consult with a professional right away to help you out.

    Checking your septic tanks and sewer lines

    Your septic tanks and sewer lines should also be something that you should have checked regularly.

    Doing so will allow you to prevent any possible future clogs with your sewer drains.

    Aside from that, regularly maintaining your septic tanks and sewer lines will also allow you to prevent having to experience any odor related issues and problems.

    Regulating your water pressure

    Lastly, we have to regulate your water pressure in your homes and have it included in one of the things that should definitely be checked during maintenance activities.

    When the water pressure is left at levels that are too high, this could slowly damage your pipes over time resulting in leakages and other problems.

    Thus, ensuring that your water pressure is at a safe level for your pipes is one of the things a plumber must definitely do during maintenance activities.

    There are also some others that are not included in the list above such as dealing with bacteria, fixing any broken plumbing, and etc.

    Do not limit yourself to simply the list included above but be creative enough to try other things as well that might be able to improve your plumbing system’s overall performance.


    Having a plumbing maintenance checklist is certainly helpful, most especially if you do not have much idea with regards to maintenance.

    As long as you place the mentioned activities above as the core of your maintenance activity, then you should do just fine.

    However, make sure not to limit yourself to just these and try to think outside the box.

    If you need professional help doing your maintenance activities, then do not hesitate to reach out to Cleveland Plumbing Guy.

    We assure you, no matter what it is that you may need, you can surely trust and rely on us about it.

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