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What Is Causing My Plumbing Leaks?

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    One of the most common problems when it comes to your plumbing system are leaking pipes and anything of the like.

    This something that eventually is experienced by almost all homeowners out there.

    It may start with a small leak at first or appear as something not worth noting at all.

    However, if something like this is left unattended for extended periods of time, it can worsen and cause other problems such as property damage, water damage, basement flooding, etc.

    In short, it can eventually become something that is potentially disastrous to you you and your homes.

    However, exactly what is causing my plumbing leaks problem and how can you deal with these?

    Well, let us find out together.

    Top causes as to why your plumbing system is leaking

    There are basically a lot of reasons with regards to why your plumbing system is leaking on you.

    Some are even case-to-case scenarios that could only happen once a certain set of conditions are reached.

    Some are even more complicated than it seems.

    When it comes to having leaks with your plumbing system, it can be due to almost anything at all.

    But to start you out and help you get a general idea of what kind of things can cause these things to happen; here are some of the topmost common causes for your leaking plumbing system.

    Foundation shifting

    Although generally uncommon, foundation shifting is one of the possible reasons why leaks are appearing within your home’s plumbing system.

    No matter what the cause for the shifting maybe, this kind of situation can impact your plumbing works as a whole.

    This is because a large portion of your piping are fixed in place and when your foundation shifts, if forcefully shifts these fixtures and pipes as well causing a lot of problems for you.

    Some of these problems include the rupturing of your pipes or having them disconnected totally.

    Try consulting with a professional plumber regarding what you can do if ever you find yourself in a problem like this.

    High water pressure

    Another possible factor that could be causing your plumbing to leak could be your home’s water pressure.

    When you have high water pressure moving along your pipes and plumbing, this puts a lot of stress and strain on your piping causing them to wear out faster.

    It may even eventually cause your pipes to give up completely and break apart.

    After all, the high water pressure and sudden changes of directions in which it moves can be a bit too much for your pipes to deal with resulting in leaking problems.

    If you find yourself in a situation such as this, try to regulate the water pressure within your homes in order to reduce the strain it puts on your plumbing.

    Or, you can just simply use more durable pipes for your plumbing system, one which can withstand stronger pressures compared to the one you are currently using.

    Tree roots

    Another possible reason as to why your pipes are leaking could be due to the damages brought to it by the plants’ roots in the area.

    With tiny cracks on your piping system, it can release some sort of water vapor into the soil moisturizing the soil around the area.

    When this sort of thing happens, over time, the tree roots will start to notice this area and will start moving towards the area.

    When it does, it can burrow its way into your pipes causing damages to it and other problems.

    As there is no one way to fix it all with regards to this kind of problems, do consult with a professional and ask for their opinion in order to prevent this from happening again in the future.


    Corrosion is another reason why your piping and plumbing system have some leaks all over them.

    If your estate is of the older generation, then most probably you are using pipes made of copper and galvanized steel.

    A material that is basically susceptible to rust are the most common reasons of corrosion problems as well.

    When rust starts to eat up the metal from the inside, no matter how sturdy your piping system is, it will eventually wear out and give up.

    In order to resolve this matter, try upgrading your piping system with pipes that are less prone to rusting problems.

    If there is no way for your pipe to rust, then there is no way for it to corrode at all.

    Temperature changes

    Last but not least, we have sudden temperature changes as a possible cause of your leaking problem.

    The extreme temperature changes in your surrounding area can cause your pipes to crack and eventually leak.

    This most probably is due to your pipe’s material and properties.

    Thermal expansion can also be another possibility as to why your plumbing ends up having leaks in them.

    If you want to resolve such a problem, try using a pipe that can adjust more easily to your location’s general weather condition.

    If your place is generally cold, go for a pipe that can deal well with the cold and vise versa.


    For any problems with your plumbing system such as clogs, leaks, etc., do not hesitate to ask for any professional help from any plumbing company near your area.

    Do not wait for these issues to get out of hand and do something about it right now.

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