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    It is important to ensure that sewers and drain pipes are strong and sound. 

    However, most homeowners pay these pipes no attention as long as they work properly. 

    The consequence of ignoring these can be big and expensive.

    It may cause flooding in the basement and damage properties.

    Fortunately, homeowners can count on Cleveland Plumbing Guy to provide Cleveland plumbing services in case of emergencies.

    But before these accidents can ever occur, we can rely on them to prevent these from happening through basement waterproofing and sewer line camera inspection.

    Contact Cleveland Plumbing Guy Company and get the best sewer line camera inspection and basement waterproofing for your home now.

    Sewer Line Camera Inspection and Basement Waterproofing

    Below are frequently asked questions regarding sewer line inspection and basement waterproofing:

    What is a sewer line camera inspection?

    For plumbing issues such as clogs and defective sewer and underground pipes, a sewer line camera inspection is considered very useful. 

    It finds, diagnoses, and pinpoints precisely where the problem is, giving plumbers even easier ways to quickly and effectively correct it. 

    How do I know when I already need a sewer line camera inspection?

    If a house is already more than forty years old, plumbing repair services would most likely recommend that you schedule an inspection. 

    Old clay-fired underground pipes are prone to root intrusion, which is common among older homes. 

    When moving into a new house, it is advised to always allow an ample budget for a sewer line inspection before the purchase.

    Furthermore, if you have no idea when your home was last inspected, professionals advise examining the home’s pipes. 

    This will help you know what needs to be fixed and how to avoid them next time, and budget for inspections and repairs in the future.

    How much does a sewer line inspection cost?

    Sewer line camera inspection costs usually range between $238 and $1,041, or an average of $638.

    You can always ask for a copy of the sewer line inspection video from your plumbing repair professional if needed.

    Are sewer repair and replacement covered by homeowners insurance?

    Unfortunately, sewer repairs and replacement is not covered by your homeowners’ insurance. 

    While a sewer backup or leak can occur overnight, it is typically the result of natural deterioration that has taken decades to happen. 

    Therefore, it is not protected by most policies. 

    Very few insurance providers cover sewage and plumbing repair services, but most of them do not.

    This is the reason why booking a sewer line camera inspection is always a good idea to prevent your sewer and other underground pipes from breaking down altogether.

    Whether your homeowner’s insurance provides coverage for repairs or not, there is always a possibility of acquiring an issue with your sewer line or underground pipes along the way.

    You may contact your local Cleveland plumbing services provider to have your sewer line inspection now and save money and time.

    Make sure to get only the best plumbing services; book your appointment with Cleveland Plumbing Guy now!

    Why You Should Get Basement Waterproofing

    For basic information regarding basement waterproofing, read further below:

    What is basement waterproofing?

    Basement waterproofing includes methods and materials used to prevent water from entering a house or a building’s basement. 

    Applying sealant materials, the installation of sump pumps and drains, and other materials may be needed to waterproof a basement that is below ground level.

    Why Is It Important?

    Below are reasons why basement waterproofing is essential:

    Protects a Building’s Foundation

    Basement waterproofing protects the structure’s foundation from moisture. 

    Your building’s foundation keeps it stable and secure. Many problems can arise from an unstable basement. 

    These problems may continue to get worse, which could compromise the building’s structure. 

    Speak to your local Cleveland plumbing services provider to get it waterproofed if you want your basement to be as safe as possible.

    Keeps Your Properties Safe 

    Storing things in the basement may be better than leaving them outside, but the difference could be insignificant without waterproofing the basement. 

    Some sections may be able to withstand elements, but it is likely that much of what you may need to store is prone to water damage.

    Basement waterproofing is great for protecting your belongings from stray moisture.

    Prevents Issues with Mold

    Regardless of what you keep in your basement, mold problems should be avoided as much as possible. 

    For a mold issue to spring up, however, it just takes a little bit of moisture and the right conditions. 

    When it starts, it can spread all over the basement and lead to a number of health issues. 

    You can significantly reduce the odds of dealing with molds by waterproofing your basement.

    Call Cleveland Plumbing Guy!

    Faulty sewer lines and other underground pipes, as well as leaky basements, can be a hassle and a threat to your home structure’s foundation and stability. 

    If you’re looking for the best plumbing company in Cleveland, Cleveland Plumbing Guy is the right guy for you! 

    With its vast plumbing supply and service range in Cleveland, quality sewer line camera inspection and basement waterproofing services are highly guaranteed. 

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