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How to Clean a Musty Smelling Sink

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    No one wants to wash their dishes in a sink that smells like stinky socks.

    However, most homeowners tend to ignore their drain until an awful circumstance happens.

    This unpleasant matter is either a cause of clogged drain or a smelly drain.

    To prevent such a foul odor, cleaning areas like your kitchen drain, sink, and shower drain could eliminate the musty smell.

    Fortunately, Plumb Guy is here to help.

    In this article, we will talk about the causes of why you have a stinky drain and how to clean a musty-smelling sink.

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    Stinky Bathroom Smell

    There are many possible factors for a smelly bathroom.

    Fortunately, if you have the necessary tools, cleaning your bathroom sink is not complicated.

    To clean your bathroom sink and get rid of the musty smell, you must have a correct p-trap first.

    A p-trap is an arch-like section below the sink.

    The objective of a p-trap is to create a barricade by holding the water that prevents releasing of sewer gas into your bathroom.

    However, if the p-trap you have doesn’t work perfectly, sewer gas can reach your bathroom in an instant and produce a stinking smell.

    One advice we can give to you is to install a ventilation facility.

    In this way, the sewer gas has a way of exit.

    However, a smelly sink could still happen even though you have a vent.

    In some cases, there could be some blockage to your vent that results in a musty smell.

    If you can’t handle the situation, contact a professional plumber immediately to remove the foul smell.

    Smelly Kitchen Sink

    In some cases, a dry p-trap could cause your kitchen sink to smell.

    As I mentioned above, a p-trap is an arch-like section below the sink.

    If your p-trap doesn’t have enough water, sewer gas may get through your sink and produce a foul odor.

    Having a broken pipe is another reason why you have a smelly sink.

    This damaged pipe can cause the sewer gas to get through your drain.

    If you encounter such a situation, quickly call an expert plumber to fix your pipe and remove the unpleasant smell.

    Shower And Bathtubs Reeks

    A lot of reasons can cause your bathtubs and shower drain to become smelly.

    One reason is that the p-trap evaporates water and releases sewer gas which is a foul smell for your shower and bathtubs.

    Cleaning stinky drains depend on the level of odor and what causes that sink to smell.

    Another reason for a smelly sink is that some bacteria are embedding in your pipes.

    As a result, hydrogen sulfide gas is released, which stinks like rotten eggs.

    As the bacteria progress into your pipe, it can cause drain clogging which produces a foul odor.

    It is essential to regularly maintain the cleanliness of your sink to avoid foul odors and drain problems.

    However, if you are in a rush and do not have the time to clean it, call a professional plumber to do it for you.

    Cleaning Your Musty Smelling Sink

    • If the stinky smell is coming from the sink that you frequently use, flush your drain to make sure that your p-trap has enough water. When filled, your p-trap can do its job perfectly.
    • Also, you can deodorize your sink by using flour and vinegar. These ingredients could eliminate the foul odor and help in clearing clogs.


    Cleaning a musty-smelling sink is not as challenging as you may have anticipated.

    Everything will be fine if you have the proper preparation and equipment necessary.

    However, some stinky sink is a result of a damaged water pipe.

    If that’s the case, you’ll need to rely on a professional plumber.

    Luckily, we have a team of professional plumbers to sort out your problems.

    In case you can’t handle the cleaning of your sink, contact Plumb Guy for plumbing services.

    At Plumb Guy, we offer plumbing services for both commercial and residential properties.

    We also have other plumbing services such as repair, maintenance, and pipe installation.

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