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Types Of Plumbing Pipes

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    Fixing on your plumbing system’s pipes or taking on a DIY plumbing project can be difficult especially to a beginner since there are several types of pipes one can choose from.

    Basically, most people lack is the basic knowledge in order to properly differentiate these types of types.

    This much is needed when dealing with plumbing because different pipes tend to connect and blend together.

    Choosing the wrong type of pipe for your usage can be problematic as it can result in a lot of different concerns and issues.

    However, how do you decide which type of pipe should be used for which?

    Well, if you are interested to find out more about the different types of plumbing pipes, then let’s find out together.

    Types of plumbing pipes

    Your pipes and plumbing system is necessary for keeping your homes functional and self-sufficient.

    It is what enables water to be distributed all throughout your home and what allows you to have your waste disposed of as well.

    However, if you want to be able to effectively repair your piping and plumbing, then you need to be at least acquainted with the most common types of plumbing pipes.

    And, along with it come their different functions and purposes.

    Without further ado, here are the different types of plumbing pipes and their respective uses.

    PEX Pipe

    PEX pipes, or also known as cross-linked polyethylene pipes, is one of the most modern types of pipes among them all.

    They are also an extremely popular choice among a lot of different people.

    PEX pipes are pipes mainly to be used for supplying water into your home.

    This kind of pipe is a popular choice of pipe for your home’s water supply because of its rigid property that allows them to withstand water pressure easily.

    Aside from this, they are also flexible enough allowing them to be able to weave through walls, ceilings, floors, and others.

    Other benefits from choosing such a pipe include low price cost, easily able to fit into fittings, able to join with copper pipes, and they can be cut pretty easily without having to exert much force.

    PVC Pipe

    PVC pipes, or better known as polyvinyl chloride pipes, are mostly used for drains and vents.

    They are extremely light and easy to work with, making them a better option compared to galvanized steel.

    They can also easily be connected together using different types of solvents.

    Some of the benefits of using such a pipe include low price cost, the diameter of the pipes are clearly marked on its surface, and they are so much easier to deal with when compared to copper.

    However, the downside with using PVC pipes is that there is no means for it to be unjoined or disassembled and thus you will need to cut it if you want to see the inside of your pipe.

    Rigid copper pipe

    A rigid copper pipe, as the name suggests, is a pipe that is made from molded copper.

    These kinds of pipes are basically used for water supply lines, the same as with the previously mentioned PEX pipes.

    When it comes to connecting or joining these types of pipes together, it can be a little bit more complex as you can only do so by soldering both copper pipes together.

    They are great to use for your water supply as they are rigid enough to withstand the water pressure and do not pose any possible health risks.

    Rigid copper pipes a good choice is mostly due to their rigid yet slightly bendable stature, being able to handle the heat, can withstand high pressures, and is recyclable.

    The only problem with rigid copper pipes is that it can be quite expensive, the inside is prone to corrosion, and difficult to handle and join together especially for beginners.

    Flexible copper pipe

    Next, there are also what we call flexible copper types.

    Basically, they are made of the same material as the previous type; however, they are more bendable compared to rigid copper pipes.

    They are mostly being used for water transport towards your home’s heaters.

    Flexible copper pipes are best to use for short runs only and they can easily be severed using a hacksaw.

    They can be a bit pricey and expensive compared to the other types of pipes in the market, however, they also have high heat tolerance and can fit even in tight spaces.

    ABS pipe

    Lastly, we have what we call ABS pipes.

    ABS pipes or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene pipes are mainly used for your vents or your drain line same as with your PVC pipes.

    It also looks a lot like your usual PVC pipes the only difference being its black color and slightly softer surface.

    They are a whole lot stronger than PVC pipes and can handle and work well even in cold temperatures.

    However, the only downside with this kind of pipe is that it tends to warp and deform when it reaches a certain temperature.


    Choosing the perfect type of pipe necessary for your homes is important as your plumbing system is not something you can just change on a whim.

    You have to decide carefully which type you should use for the specific purpose you have in mind.

    If you are not sure about your choice, then try consulting with a plumbing company and ask for their opinion regarding this matter.

    Worry not as there are a lot of companies who offer free consultation services so there won’t be any need for you to spend some money.

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