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Unclogging a Bathroom Sink

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    Almost all sorts of residential homes out there have their own sinks, however not a lot of these homeowners have ever thought about maintaining their respective sinks.

    And none of them starts doing so until a problem concerning their sinks starts to reveal itself.

    Just like everything else, over time, your kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks will eventually experience having some sort of problem, especially with their drains.

    In fact, clogged drains are one of the main reasons as to why our services are extremely wanted and sought for.

    Even with the use of traps in order to filter possible causes of clogging, such a problem can still exist.

    Unclogging a bathroom sink can especially be troublesome depending on what’s causing the problem but as long as you put some time and effort into it, you should be able to do it just fine.

    However, what exactly can you do in order to unclog your bathroom sinks, and what is the best thing you should do when faced with such a problem?

    Well, let’s find out together, shall we?

    Having a clogged bathroom sink

    Before anything else, for those who are not familiar with the term itself, what exactly is a clogged bathroom sink?

    Well, as the term suggests, a clogged bathroom sink is a problem where the drains of the sink are dysfunctional and are not able to take in all the water within your sink.

    Usually, it is caused by having obstructions located on your sink’s drain such as the presence of hair, soap, and etc.

    When these things are to be found on your drains, since it will be obstructing some of your drain’s holes, the water will not be able to flow efficiently.

    It is also possible that water absorption is still possible however slowed down due to the obstruction found on your drains.

    Fortunately, dealing with a clogged sink can be relatively easy that you can even attempt to resolve the problem yourself.

    However, if you are not confident enough with your skills and knowledge, then it is recommended not to tinker any further with your sink’s plumbing and instead have a trained professional help you out with your dilemma.

    Do’s and don’ts for your clogging sinks

    Now that you know exactly what clogging sinks are and the kind of problem it brings, let us now move on to the main topic at hand.

    When faced with a situation such as this, what exactly can you do in order to resolve your clogged sink problem?

    Well to help you out, here are some things you should definitely remember when it comes to dealing with clogging sinks.

    Without further ado, here are some of the things you can try out before you start calling a professional plumber to help you out with your clogging drains.

    Try flushing your sink using hot water

    Whatever problem it may be you are dealing with in your bathroom or kitchen sink, you should definitely consider trying to flush down hot boiling water down your drain.

    Doing so might dissolve whatever it may be that is causing clogging your sinks.

    May it be grease or soap that’s blocking your drain’s pipes, hot water should be able to dissolve it for you flushing down anything that may possibly be on its way.

    Try using a mini plunger for minor clogs on your drains

    Just like when you experience clogging problems with your toilet, using a plunger on your sink’s drains might resolve the problem as well.

    After all, some of these things that are causing your sinks to have drain problems might just need a slight push to send it on its way.

    However, if you try this out, make sure that your sink has a few inches of water on it and a wet rag is blocking the overflow drain in order for the water not to leak out.

    Once this is successfully complied with, place the rubber suction cup directly on top of the drain and start plunging up and down.

    Try removing the trap to remove stubborn clogs

    One of the things you should definitely try out on your list is having stubborn clogs removed from your sink’s trap.

    When your bathroom sinks start to clog, it may be possible that it is due to the different stuff being collected on your sink’s trap.

    Try removing your trap and have it cleaned of any stubborn clogs that might’ve been collected on it.

    If after doing so your drain starts to speed up, then the clogging problem was caused by your trap and not by your pipes.


    Unclogging a bathroom sink or a kitchen sink for that matter can be somewhat of a nasty business however, it isn’t something that you cannot do as long you put your mind into it.

    If your clogging problem is caused by some minor problem, then the basic solutions mentioned above should be able to help you out in dealing with your existing problem.

    However, on the off-chance that you are not able to do so, please refrain from tinkering any further and contact the nearest plumber in your area to help you out with your problem.

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