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Benefits Of Installing Touchless Faucets In Your Home

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    Over time, modern technology just keeps improving, and with so much development, we have come into an era where touchless faucets can now be considered a reality.

    Touchless faucets have now become somewhat of a popular option among consumers because of their sleekness and functions.

    Without having to touch your faucets, it is now possible to turn on your water supply.

    This makes your bathroom and kitchen sink so much cleaner and easier to use.

    Plus, since there is no need for you to touch your faucets, you won’t be spreading any germs, bacteria, and viruses that you have on your hands.

    If you are going for a new look or are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom sinks, then touchless faucets are one of the things you should definitely consider having.

    However, what exactly are the benefits you can get from using touchless faucets in your residential homes?

    Well, let us find out together.

    Touchless faucets – everything you need to know

    Before we go to the different benefits you can enjoy from having a touchless faucet installed in your home, let us first try to understand and find out what exactly these faucets are.

    So, basically, touchless faucets, as the name suggests, is a type of faucet that enables you to turn on and off your water supply without having to touch it or have any contact with it.

    With this, the hygiene and sanitation of your home increases by a single level.

    There are four basic components of a touchless faucet that makes this technology possible, and these are the following:

    1. Sensors
    2. Solenoid Valve
    3. Power Source
    4. Spout

    By working seamlessly together, you are able to get this touchless faucet technology as a result.

    It basically works by first having the sensor detect the presence of your hands.

    When it does, it then prepares to send this piece of information to your touchless faucet’s solenoid valves.

    Once the sensor sends this information to your valve, your valve then engages the flow of water in your faucet, and voila, just like that, you have yourself a fully functioning faucet.

    Benefits of installing touchless faucets in your home

    Now that we know and understand exactly what touchless faucets are and how these little things function, let us now get to the main topic at hand.

    What exactly are the different benefits you can get from using and installing these types of faucets in your home?

    After all, touchless faucets are not exactly cheap compared to your conventional faucets.

    Well, without further ado, here are some of the benefits you can possibly get from using touchless faucets at home.

    Saves water and money

    One of the great things about these touchless faucets is the fact that it only turns on when you need and when you aren’t, it can automatically turn itself off.

    This feature may be very simple, however, it is more useful than you originally thought it would be, most especially if you have kids at home.

    With touchless faucets, you won’t have to deal with cases where your child has forgotten to turn off your faucet and the like thanks to the auto-off feature.

    From this alone, imagine the amount of water you can conserve daily and the amount of money you can save from your previous water bill.

    Improve the hygiene and sanitation of your home

    With your conventional faucets, germs and bacteria can collect on your faucet’s surface unless you have them cleaned regularly.

    After all, you could easily leave the bacteria you got from handling your raw food onto your faucet’s handles.

    And these germs and bacteria will eventually find their way back into your hands or your various kitchen utensils.

    However, with touchless faucets, you are able to avoid this problem altogether so you do not have to worry about this disease transmission problem.

    Very easy and convenient to use

    Last but not least, having touchless faucets in your homes is a whole lot more convenient and easier to access.

    Whether it may be an adult or a child, they will surely not have any problems learning how to use touchless faucets.

    After all, all that you need to do to turn it on or off is to wave your hand in front of this faucet’s sensor.

    Aside from this, touchless faucets are also convenient to have because they rarely leak and are generally low maintenance.

    Plus, it also included added features such as being able to control water temperature and flow when using it.


    Compared to touch-type faucets, touchless faucets certainly do have their own perks and advantages over the previous.

    However, no matter which one you decide to use in the end, there really isn’t much difference between the two.

    So make sure to decide carefully which of the two is more preferable and convenient when it comes to factors such as budget and etc.

    Although the benefits of installing touchless faucets in your homes are clearly convenient, there are also some things with regards to touch-type faucets that touchless faucets do not.

    An example would be its ability to be able to control the strength of the tap better.

    With touchless faucets, the strength of the tap would be consistent after all.

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