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Common Plumbing Myths

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    Myths exist in almost every aspect of life.

    They are basically beliefs that are passed on from one generation to the other.

    Some of these myths hold some truth in them, while others are simply unreliable and unreal.

    Just like everything else in the world, the plumbing industry also has its fair share of myths and beliefs regarding your pipes and water systems.

    Dealing with your plumbing related problems can be quite troublesome and costly which is why a lot of individuals tend to believe these myths when dealing with their piping.

    However, simply doing so can also be reliable, most especially if the said myth brings about more harm than good.

    Prevent yourself from being taken for a fool and get yourself acquainted with some of the most common plumbing myths that up to now still exist.

    1. Bleach tablets are flushable

    Bleach, no matter what form it takes, whether a tablet or a liquid solution, can never be flushed down your toilets.

    This is because bleach is basically very acidic and it having it flushed down your system can potentially cause damage to your pipes.

    It can even get to the point that it melts your drain pipes completely or have your entire toilet corroded upon contact.

    If you are using bleach in cleaning your toilets, make sure to have it cleaned up within 10 minutes from the time of application.

    Otherwise, a lot of trouble is coming along your way.

    2. Flushable wipes go easily down your toilets

    Your flushable wipes or better known as wet wipes are in no way more flushable compared to other kinds of wipes such as toilet paper and the like.

    In fact, washable wipes are one of the most common causes of drainage blockages in a lot of countries.

    This holds true for products such as paper towels, napkins, hygiene products, and etc.

    To be on the safe side, do not flush anything that you are unsure of no matter how flushable it looks.

    Always check and confirm with reliable sources when it comes to things such as these.

    3. A rumbling water heater is one that is about to blow up

    With regards to this myth, I can say with all certainty that it is certainly not true.

    Water heaters are normally noisy when in operation and in no way can be considered dangerous.

    Such a thing is absolutely normal with heaters.

    If all your heater does is make loud rumbling noises and nothing else, then there isn’t anything that you should be worrying about.

    Loud rumbling noises coming from your heaters are basically just air bubbles that come out as a result of heating the water inside your tank.

    Rest assured, your water heater is definitely not going to explode.

    4. Ice cubes can sharpen up your garbage disposal blades

    While having ice cubes go down your garbage disposal drains cannot sharpen your disposal blades, it can help clean it at the very least.

    This myth probably started because some people began throwing down ice cubes down their garbage disposal drain but got its purpose wrong.

    Regarding this matter, throwing eggshells down your drain can also have the same effect and impact as with your ice cubes.

    So, if you want to have your disposal blades cleaned up, then save up all those eggshells or throw some ice down your disposal drain and your blades are as good as clean.

    5. You can use hot boiling water to flush down the grease down your drains

    This here is another myth you should definitely not listen to.

    Boiling water does not even have the ability to unclog our bodies’ arteries and remove excess fat from our bodies, and under the same concept, neither can it flush down grease down the drain.

    Besides, grease in any form must never be allowed to go down your draining pipes.

    This is because doing so will probably cause you a lot of problems and there might be an off chance that your drainage system might break down completely if done so.

    All sorts of grease and residue belong to the dump or your trash bins and not on your drains and pipes.

    With these being said, next time, make sure that you do not make the mistake of throwing down your grease down the sewer drain.


    What do you think about these myths?

    Some can be pretty outrageous and unbelievable, right?

    There’s a lot more where that came from, after all, myths are not made with just a snap of a finger.

    They are something that is established in the minds of the people over time.

    Wherever these myths could’ve come from, before blindly believing any of them, make sure to confirm the facts behind it and see if it is actually real.

    After all, even common plumbing myths are simple hearsays and rumors if not confirmed properly.

    Or better yet, if you have any problem with your plumbing or pipes, contact a professional right away and ask for their assistance.

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