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How to Fix a Clogged Kitchen Sink in Cleveland

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    Nobody likes washing the dishes.

    More so if you’re going to do them in a clogged kitchen sink.

    Having a clogged sink can be frustrating and cumbersome.

    You feel hopeless waiting for the water to drain completely, which seems like a never-ending process.

    You also feel disgusted at the sight of dirty water continuously rising in your kitchen sink.

    On top of these, you won’t be able to do your tasks of washing the dishes efficiently.

    You have to wait for the water level to go down before you can begin washing another plate.

    We can’t count in our two hands how many people in Cleveland have complained to us about their obstructed drain pipes.

    Indeed, clogging is a common problem faced by many households.

    Luckily for you, we know how to fix a clogged kitchen sink in Cleveland.

    We have a team of licensed and professional plumbers who have extensive knowledge of fixing plumbing issues.

    We’re proud to say that all complaints we received about their clogged sink were solved within the hour.

    That’s because we strive to satisfy our customers with fast, timely, and reliable plumbing services.

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    Pour Boiling Water Down The Drain

    One of the most popular tricks in troubleshooting a clogged drain is to use hot water.

    Many homeowners try this method first because it’s inexpensive, yet it can solve clogged sink problems.

    Pouring hot water rests on the premise that heat can melt hardened fats and residues down your sink.

    It can also dissolve water-soluble materials quicker.

    All you need to do is to remove excess water from your sink, and then pour the boiling water on the clogged sink.

    If the water does not drain, you may have to repeat the process until you clear the clog.

    Use Vinegar + Baking Soda

    Another easy homemade solution for a clogged kitchen sink is to pour baking soda and vinegar into your drain.

    Start by removing as much water as you can from your kitchen sink.

    Then scoop a cup of baking soda and then pour it down the drain.

    Pour the same amount of vinegar and spill it in the drain as well.

    The mixture will immediately fizz.

    As soon as the bubbles sink, cover the drain with a stopper.

    Pour some hot water and check if there is any difference in the draining speed of your sink.

    Clean the P-Trap of Your Drain Pipes

    Usually, clogging occurs at the P-trap of your drain pipes.

    Due to this, you may need to clean this portion of your pipe to remove the clog.

    Before detaching the P-trap, place a basin or bucket first underneath it to catch the water and residue inside your drain.

    After you disconnect this portion of your drain pipes, remove any debris that is causing the obstruction.

    Reattach the clean P-trap back on and pour hot water down your drain to remove the remaining clog.

    Pump the Clog With a Plunger

    If the above-mentioned methods did not work, try using a plunger to dislodge the clog.

    First, cover the entire mouth of your drain with the rubber cup of your plunger.

    If you have a double sink, cover the other drain with a stopper.

    Next, press and pull on the handle of the plunger repeatedly.

    Make sure that the rubber cup doesn’t detach from the sink to create a vacuum inside the sink.

    Once the clog is flushed away, you can remove the plunger and pour hot water down your drain.

    Use a Plumbing Snake

    Another plumbing device you can utilize to resolve your clogged kitchen sink issue is a plumbing snake.

    This device allows you to penetrate your drain pipes and take the clog out.

    You only need to insert the snake down your drain until it reaches the obstruction.

    Push and then twist the equipment, so that the clog entwines in the auger.

    Call Plumb Guy For Expert Plumbing Solutions

    There is no guarantee that any of the techniques mentioned above will work.

    After all, there are different types of blockages, and some of them can be stubborn.

    If you want hassle-free solutions in fixing your clogged drain, simply call Plumb Guy for professional plumbing services.

    Our team has years of experience in all kinds of plumbing issues.

    We know how to fix a clogged kitchen sink in Cleveland in just minutes.

    Stubborn kitchen sink clogs? Call us now for same-day plumbing services in the city.

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