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How To Know If You Have a Broken Sewer Line

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    No homeowner wants to live in a home that stinks like a toilet.

    However, if you have a broken sewer line, that will be the smell of your house.

    A damaged pipeline commonly occurs on the mainline, and you have to address them as soon as possible.

    If a broken pipeline is left untreated, it may flood your bathroom with a dysfunctional pipe and sewage.

    As a result, repairing damaged pipelines will cost a lot of money.

    So, do you have a damaged pipe? This article will give you a list of signs on how to know if you have a broken sewer line.

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    Foul Smell On Your Sewage

    Practically, a well-functioning sewer line should be unbreakable, which means no foul odor should escape from your pipeline.

    However, if you smell a stinky odor inside your house, it signifies that you either have a leakage in the main sewer or a damaged pipeline.

    If you can’t handle the situation, it’s best to call for a professional plumber to repair your pipeline and remove the rotten egg-like odor.

    Growing Fungi

    A fungus or mold is an indicator that you have leakage into your main sewer.

    It means there is a crack in your pipeline, which is enough to release water into your house.

    As a result, the humidity level rises, which is sufficient for fungus growth over time.

    Fungi are dangerous to your health.

    If you notice any fungi that are growing to your ceilings or walls with a foul odor, it means your main sewer is damaged.

    If this happens to you, contact your trusted plumber to locate the problem and fix it.

    Drains That Are Prolonged To Clear

    Clogged drainage is a normal issue for most homeowners.

    But, using a plunger or drain cleaning might clear the clog.

    However, if you still have a hard time cleaning the clogging issue, that’s an indication that you have a problem with your main sewer line.

    In most cases, mainline clogs are more troublesome and need the help of an expert.

    Supposing that this happens to you, don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber to clear the clog.

    Sewage Backups In Your Toilets and Bathtubs

    Sewage backups can barely happen in most homeowners.

    However, if you experience blockage every time you flush your toilet and bathtubs, it’s an indicator that the problem could be your main sewer line.

    Additionally, your house’s draining system depends on the main sewer line to drain perfectly.

    Yet, if you’re experiencing too much blockage in draining, you can pinpoint that the problem is your main sewer.

    To keep the problem from getting worse, contact an expert plumber immediately.

    Pests In Your Home

    Unluckily, a broken sewer line can also be a result of pest invasion.

    Insects like flies, rodents, cockroaches can effortlessly enter your plumbing system through the sewer line.

    Pests like this are dangerous to your health, causing allergic problems in children that can trigger asthma symptoms.

    If you suddenly see a portion of pests in your house, call an expert plumber to examine your sewer line.


    Plumbing issues could affect your daily lives, causing a crucial problem and disturbance to your home.

    In some cases, plumbing problems can be fixed without any professional help.

    However, if the problem is about a broken sewer line, it’s best to leave that to a professional plumber.

    The reason is to make sure your sewer is completely repaired and works perfectly again.

    We’re just one call away if your main sewer is damaged.

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